Individual assessment

  • Meet and brief: initial interview to assess student’s status, interests, and goals.
  • Review student’s credentials, academic records and tests scores.
  • Review of student’s extracurricular interests.
  • Assessment of student’s short and long term needs.
  • Advice on College/University selection and on all required pre-admission tests.
  • Individual counselling.
  • Drawing up a shortlist of target universities and colleges.

College/ university application and admission

  • Advice and guidance on application process.
  • Timetable for College/University admissions.
  • Checklist of items to be included in the application package.
  • Essay assistance.
  • Admission insight.
  • Troubleshooting and problem solving related to the application and admission process.
  • Advice on faculty and major selection to determine the perfect fit.
  • Preparation for College/University interview.
  • Assistance with decision on final choice upon reception of acceptances.
  • Scholarships and financial aid guidance and referrals.

Campus à la Carte

  • Assistance with College/University tours.
  • Recommendation for student activities and extracurricular involvement.
  • Advice and counsel on student involvement, personal growth, and resume building experiences, on and off campus.
  • Books, school supplies and tools shopping assistance.

Concierge (for Montreal only)

  • Mom-away-from-mom guidance; assistance in case of emergencies.
  • Relocation assistance and follow-up.
  • Meet & greet for students and parents, accommodations, assistance, etc.
  • Advice for lodging and more - apartment or dormitories (Furniture, Cable/Internet/Phone).
  • Installation/Repair referrals.
  • Shopping (winter gear, clothes, household items, etc.).
  • Crash course on city facilities, transport, directions, etc.
  • Services (banking, insurance, etc.).
  • Appointments (academic, medical, other).
  • Graduation activities and celebrations.
  • End-of-Year packing, shipping and storage.

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