We provide students and parents with the advice, guidance and support needed for them to have an enjoyable and rewarding college/university experience.

CAP eases the pressure of making the right decision about a College/University, a decision that will impact a student for the rest of his or her life. CAP offers tailored assistance and academic counseling to students and parents when choosing a college or a university in Europe, Canada or the United States.


CAP’s services cover every step of this important procedure: assessing the students needs and goals, researching programs and specializations, gathering admission material, selecting the right institution, assistance in completing applications, organizing campus visits, help with relocation and adaptation. CAP helps students and parents make good decisions about the future, while saving them time and money and reducing risks, errors and misfits.

Who can use CAP ?
  • Students presently in high school (première & terminale in the French system) who would like to put themselves on track and improve their chances of getting accepted at the colleges and universities of their choice.
  • Busy and anxious parents who seek assistance in their children’s preparation for college.
  • College/University admission officers, embassies and consulates staff, teachers, principals, accountants, immigration officers, etc. can refer students and their parents to CAP.

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